Clair Hall

Sales Executive

Born and raised in Southern England, spent most of my life up until a few years ago farming a small holding and working in Aquaculture.  I came to America to go on vacation and fell in love with the Country. Eventually I met someone and fell in love and moved to California with him.   We brought my parents over as well for their retirement. After travelling around the country running a business, we moved to Spokane area in 2009 and then to Elk in 2010.   With my parents and husband gone now, I discovered how much I love the area just for me. I love the countryside and living with my 3 dogs. I have plans that over time I will fix up my hobby farm and get back to working with animals again.  I got interested in insurance through a good friend of mine and eventually became an agent as well. I know that my history in farming will help me to understand and work with the local farmers and hobby farms and to use my business knowledge to assist my community. 

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